River Jams @ The U.S. National Whitewater Center

For the record i am very much a “homebody” type of person. I enjoy sitting at home, watching a good movie/TV show on netflix/Cable cooking a nice dinner or just playing board games with friends and family. I don’t tend to seek out events or go outside the house, but living outside of my home state has really been changing that. I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with being a homebody, but I think also adventure makes life worth living.

Apparently in North Carolina, every Thursday from May to September the U.S. National Whitewater center hosts what is called “River Jams”. It is basically a free concert in the center, which I would describe as an active person or adult theme park.

The entire park is pretty large (according to my co-workers) and the entrance fee is nominal especially if you are going to go there often. The visible park when entering is about 3 miles walking distance around, but like I said the land area is very large (supposedly like 400 acres) beyond the tree line. 

I personally did not listen too much to the band but it was a nice atmosphere of people hanging out, sipping on some cold beers (we bough $4 tall boy PBRs…hipsters I know), some people kayaking on the man made rapids/river, some people cycling, running, walking, jogging and many others doing some fun active activities.

I have never seen a center like this, but when I was there I didn’t want to leave! It was so fun to be outdoors, hanging out enjoying some good music as well as being motivated to go running and be active.

Fun fact: this center is THE olympic training center for kayaking!

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